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Our Environmental Policy

Noble Toyota is committed to establishing and maintaining their and their client’s work environments with priority given to minimising adverse environmental impacts from its activities and fostering a culture of sustainable environmental management.

Noble Toyota’s environmental strategy is the ongoing development of a system based on AS/NZS ISO14001, legislation and applying the principles of best practice environmental management to our activities.

We are committed to objectives and individual programs by applying proactive approaches to environmental stewardship through:

  • Identifying environmental activities, aspects and impacts and applying appropriate environmental actions;
  • Minimising the impact of our activities on the environment;
  • Preventing pollution;
  • Sustainable use of resources
  • Promote awareness of climate change mitigation and adaptation, protection of biodiversity and ecosystem
  • Complying with applicable environmental laws and regulations, Codes of Practice and Guidelines leading to the development of appropriate monitoring, measurement and review activities;
  • Working cooperatively with our clients and responsible agencies in exercising environmental due diligence at all stages;
  • Conducting relevant environmental education and training to improve awareness, knowledge and skills;
  • Developing and implementing plans and procedures for the effective operation and management of our processes;
  • Meeting Performance Standards and Key Performance Indicators, and taking action to improve performance through regular and formal reviews;
  • Communicating with staff, clients and stakeholders on all areas on environmental performance.

Noble Toyota acknowledges this environmental policy as a commitment that involves cooperation and consultation with all stakeholders to meet the company’s business objectives.

Noble Toyota is committed to continual improvement in environmental management. This includes regular monitoring, assessment and review of all aspects of the system by both internal and external audits Regards,

Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Noble Toyota and Toyota Australia look for opportunities to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Toyota uses natural gas and electricity at its production site at Altona and at non production sites around Australia. The company monitors and reports on its energy use and greenhouse, continually looking for improvement opportunities.

Resource Usage

Noble Toyota and Toyota Australia will continue to focus on reducing waste and making the best use of resources. These include raw materials used in the vehicle manufacturing process, and water and paper used across the company. Wastes include both production and non production general waste, prescribed waste and packaging waste.

Contributing to a Low Carbon Society

Toyota Australia will develop lower emissions vehicles and work with Governments to develop appropriate standards and measures regarding vehicle emissions and pollutants.

In 2011 a Carbon Working Group was established to understand and manage the impacts of the clean energy future legislation and develop a model to ensure the financial implications of the carbon prices are considered in strategic and operational planning.

Environmental Management

Our Noble Toyota Environmental Policy is in place to address, prevent and find solutions to environmental concerns. Through regular audits, assessments and reviews we ensure environmental management.

Energy Efficency

In 2021, we installed solar panels at our dealership to increase our renewable energy. Our dealership is also fitted with energy efficient lighting to reduce our energy consumption. The occupancy sensors and automatic movement sensors for our lighting in low-traffic areas support our environmental responsibility to improve energy efficiency. We use energy efficient appliances throughout our dealership (e.g. Coffee Machines, Microwaves, Fridges).

Waste Management

In 2019, we implemented a waste management plan and partnered with Power Waste as an initiative to approach this concern. This program alone will save an estimated 52 cubic metres from landfill. Power Waste Management are a sustainable waste management company based in Sydney. Their uniquely tailored approach to waste management mirrors Toyota's Kaizen philosophy for continual improvement. At Noble Toyota, we ensure our waste is properly segregated with cardboard-only recycling bins and general waste bins. 

Water Management

Our rainwater storage tanks, which are used for carwashing are exemplary of our commitment to remain sustainable in our practices. 

National Tree Day Participation

Our annual National Tree Day is a tradition where we team up with local schools to promote caring for the environment. Each year, we plant trees and create green spaces to help kids understand the importance of taking care of our planet. This commitment fits with Toyota's goal for a greener future and mobility for all. Working together with local schools, we're making our community better and ensuring a healthier planet for the future. 

Our previous local school partnerships include:

  • 2017 - Revesby Public School
  • 2019 - Bankstown West Public School
  • 2022 - Banksia Road Public School
  • 2023 - Holy Saviour Primary
2019 Bankstown West Public School

2019 Bankstown West Public School

2022 Banksia Road Public School

2022 Banksia Road Public School

2023 Holy Saviour Primary School

2023 Holy Saviour Primary School